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A Subscription Box... for Brides?!

If you follow my adventures on Instagram then you already know that G and I got engaged!! We've been together for 11 years now, and we finally decided that it was time to seal the deal. Needless to say we're both extremely excited and also totally crazed figuring out what kind of a wedding we want to throw. I've never been much of a bride-to-be, and never really wanted to host a wedding, but a guest list is a guest list and so we're doing a wedding! 

No sooner did the ring go on my finger than this box showed up at my doorstep from Miss to Mrs. Filled with adorable items to help me celebrate, like fun balloons for our engagement party and a notepad to plot out the next vendors to tackle, each item is enough to fill an over-planner like myself with joy. Pens? Paper? An adorable floral tumbler that I can tote everywhere with me to remind myself that drinking water doesn't have to be crazy bland? Sign me up!

Can we talk about these gorgeous gold paper clips? They'…

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